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Immunity (Cold and Flu)

Building a strong immunity to fight off colds and influenza

Think of your immune system as your very own special superhero. When it is fit and strong, each time a germ or virus invades the body, it goes to work finding the source and producing antibodies to fight it off. So, it is vital we keep our immunity superhero strong, and there are lots of ways we can do this with the help of natural medicine and with the support of natural therapists.

Regularly working with your natural therapist as a preventative option, is a great way to make sure your immune system is strong. To understand your immunity levels a natural therapist will look at your stress levels, sleep patterns, diet and nutrition, and what physical activity you are undertaking. This mix will help them create you a holistic plan and make changes to help you build your immune system. They will likely recommend herbal remedies and supplements for any deficiencies in your system.

Some remedies may include vitamin C, zinc, vitamin D, elderberry (Sambucol) and organic teas, like lemon and garlic tea with manuka honey.

Natural therapies to manage cold and flu symptoms

Homoeopathically there are some excellent options for managing cold, flu and fevers. From a practical point of view with fevers; reduce clothing, sponge the head with tepid water, and get lots of liquids and sleep.

Useful remedies at the onset of a fever include, Aconite, Belladonna, Ferrum Phos and Chamomilla.

Consider immune support in the form of Vitamin C and of zinc during the illness. Vitamin C is generally better given in divided doses over the day as what the body doesn’t use it will excrete.

There are also teas that are useful during a cold or flu. A popular option is YEP tea which is Yarrow, Elder and Peppermint; it can help cool a fever by sweating it out a little. Another tea, for when the cough is prolonged, is lemon, garlic and manuka honey.

For sore throats, elderberry or manuka honey lozenges can be helpful. A good over the counter option for elderberry is the product Sambucol which comes in capsules or lozenges.

Consult an accredited natural medicine practitioner for support with symptoms of cold and flu so they can provide a personalised approach.

What type of therapies can help with Immunity (Cold and Flu)

Western Herbal Medicine



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