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Your Health

Natural medicine supports you and your health holistically and accredited practitioners can provide you with therapy that is focused on the different aspects of your health.

Click on the below to find out more about how natural medicine can help you across immunity, cold and flu, gut health, fertility, sleep, stress and mood, health diet and women’s health.

Sleep, Stress + Mood

Aches and Pains + Inflammation

Healthy Diet

Gut Health

Immunity (Cold and Flu)


Women’s Health

Attend an online event

As part of Natural Medicine Week accredited practitioners of the Australian Traditional-Medicine Society and partners are hosting a number of online events. Find out if there is an online event to learn, hear or experience natural therapies for yourself.

25th May


– 10:00am AEDT

Yoga for Menopause – A Yoga class & short discussion

Mardi Brisbane

Mardi The Natural Healer


23rd May


– 1:30pm AEDT

Why you should include Oncology Massage in your oncology care plan

Amy Tyler

Therapeutic Massage

26th May


– 1:00pm AEDT

Is Sleep Your Achilles Heel? How to Get to Sleep AND Stay Asleep

Mardi Brisbane

Mardi The Natural Healer