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Sleep, Stress + Mood

What are some of the complaints we hear about sleep, stress and mood?

Practitioners often hear from their clients that they are suffering from insomnia, they are experiencing irregular sleep patterns, or struggling to get to sleep and to stay asleep.

More and more people are feeling their stress levels are not manageable; with increased pressure to work harder and longer, more exposure to the forces of social media and increased anxiety and worry about the world around them.

What we know is sleep, stress and mood are highly inter-connected. If you don’t sleep well, this can affect how tired you feel and could affect your mood. If you’re feeling unhappy then this may increase your stress levels and then trying to get to sleep with an overactive and stressful mind starts the cycle all over again.

How can natural therapies help with sleep, stress and mood?

Approaching a natural medicine practitioner to support you with actions and remedies for any one of these symptoms can help you take steps towards a solution. It may also benefit your overall health and balance other areas of your life. Natural medicine practitioners focus on the whole body, holistically and therefore approach you individually to recommend treatments across your physical, mental and emotional being.

From understanding more about you, your diet, schedule, work and lifestyle, your practitioner will provide a personalised plan on how to make changes in a natural way that will ease the symptoms and start you in a healthier direction. Depending on the type of issue, a practitioner may advise herbal remedies, massage, acupuncture, exercise, or nutritional changes.

Sleep: A naturopath can help identify the cause and provide supplements, nutrients and herbal medicines to support you to achieve a more balanced sleep.

Sleep and weight-loss: Sleep deprivation and weight gain are firmly connected. A nutritionist can help you find foods that will encourage balanced blood sugar, and look at your dietary intake to promote good sleep.

Stress management – A reflexologist will access energy pathways through pressure points in your body by working with your hands and feet to improve your overall health and wellbeing, including to help you manage stress. It’s not (just) a foot massage.

Mood – The stress hormone, cortisol, could be causing your moodiness, daytime fatigue, insomnia, persistent infections, sugar cravings, or excess weight. Work with a naturopath, who is trained in herbal medicine, nutrition and homoeopathy, to set you a new diet and lifestyle plan.

What type of therapies can help with Sleep, Stress + Mood


Clinical Hypnotherapy


How can Naturopathy and Nutrition help with stress and improve sleep?

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