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Natural Medicine Week Ambassadors

Meet our natural medicine ambassadors and accredited practitioners of ATMS who will share insights from their chosen natural therapies.

Check out their profiles, follow them on socials, attend their online events, read their amazing blogs, make their recipes and watch their videos to learn more about the many benefits of visiting a natural medicine practitioner.

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Location - Online

Alice Bullivant

Kinesiologist, mind body medicine therapist and integrative complementary therapist
Her job is to interpret what your body is trying to tell you!  How she does this is through some counselling and some muscle monitoring to tap into your body’s innate healing ability.

Anne-Marijke Gerretsen

Qualified Nutritionist specialising in treating Endometriosis
I am Anne-Marijke Gerretsen (call me AMG) and I am on a mission to make ALL Australian women with Endometriosis aware of the role of diet in their symptoms, so they can make an informed decision about how to best manage their Endometriosis and live more of life.

Teresa Mitchell-Paterson

A skilled naturopath with a career that spans over 20 years.
Teresa is a skilled naturopath with a career that spans over 20 years. Her assistance in the treatment of chronic illness comes from a solid knowledge of human biochemistry, physiology and natural treatment protocols. Teresa bases her therapies on both traditional and evidence-based medicines and a thorough understanding of her patients.

Dr Polly Wilkie

Chiropractor, Osteopath, Nutritionist, Natural Therapies, Applied Kinesiology
She is passionate about women’s health and paediatrics and has a multi-level approach, working on physical, biochemical and emotional aspects of health.

Jennifer Harrington

Jennifer Harrington is a Naturopath who specialises in naturally supporting women transitioning into menopause. She is the Clinical Director of Menopause Natural Solutions and author of “From Invisible to Invincible, the natural menopause revolution.

Jean Jarrett

Nutritionist, Naturopath and Buteyko Practitioner
Jean uses her own experiences to help women and their families to improve their health and wellbeing through naturopathy and nutrition. Jean is also an experienced Buteyko practitioner to provide you with a holistic range of therapies to empower you to take control of your health naturally.

Danielle Elliott

Naturopath focusing on patients who have digestive complaints
Danielle has been working with patients for over 15 years and now gets to focus on patients who have digestive complaints in her clinic Tummy Rescue. After her husband was diagnosed with his second digestive autoimmune condition 10 years ago, she dived into the world of Gut Health and her true passion developed.

Anthia Koullouros

Naturopath, Herbalist, Organic Health, Food & Lifestyle Educator.
My name is Anthia Koullouros, the founder & creator of Apothēca by Anthia. An offering steeped in over 25 years of clinical naturopathic & herbal medicine, created to holistically nourish you on your healing journey to wholeness.