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Women’s Health

Women’s health and hormones

Keeping your hormones in balance is key to optimal health for women. Even the slightest imbalance can leave you feeling fatigued, struggling with unexplained weight gain and even cause muscle aches, pains and weakness.

Lots of things can cause this imbalance, it may be stress related, connected to your food intake or it may even be that you have an under-active thyroid.

Depending on your stage in life, you may also be experiencing hormonal changes due to menopause, when a woman’s oestrogen levels begin to decline. Loss of periods is eventually the result of this change, however, many women experience different intensity of symptoms like hot flashes and sweats, mood changes, headaches, muscle aches and more.

Taking a natural approach with a therapist to help balance your hormones is a positive step to feeling better and reducing symptoms.

Natural therapies and women’s health

Naturopathic medicine and Chinese Medicine (acupuncture and herbalism) may provide some relief for hormonal imbalances. Your practitioner may use a combination of dietary advice, exercise, supplements, herbs and acupuncture to whip those hormones back into shape.

Our liver and gut are responsible for the clearance of hormones and oestrogen metabolism. Our diets and environmental factors such as pollution, lots of plastics and chemicals can affect how we metabolise and clear our oestrogen. It is therefore really important to support the two organs responsible for hormone clearance; the liver and gut. Adapting to a clean, healthy diet and lifestyle is one of the most important things you can do to make your hormones happy!

To assist menopause symptoms, it is never one size fits all when it comes to natural treatments. Your homoeopath or naturopath will assess you individually and then provide you with a program based on physical exercise, stress and sleep management, nutritional changes as well as providing herbal supplements to strengthen your health and any hormone imbalance.

What type of therapies can help with Women’s Health



Remedial Massage

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