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Natural Medicine Week Partners

The Australian Traditional-Medicine Society hosts Natural Medicine Week annually as a collaborative celebration of those who are passionate about improving the health and wellbeing of Australians naturally. We come together with our accredited practitioners, education providers, industry suppliers, complementary and integrative medical professionals, and fellow health related Associations to raise awareness of natural medicine, together.

Thank you to our valued supporters and partners advocating for the natural medicine industry!

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NutriPATH is a privately owned medical laboratory that was founded in 2011. NutriPATH is a specialty clinical laboratory, pioneering a systems approach that supports healthcare providers in the area of health and wellbeing pathology testing. Our testing services assist general practitioners and other healthcare providers in identifying the underlying cause of illness, as well as providing tools for the prevention of disease and premature ageing. At Nutripath, we value service excellence, innovation, teamwork and commitment and these values are integrated into all aspects of our work and our daily interactions.

The clinical and scientific staff at NutriPATH are pioneers in the industry of functional medicine and have had many years of experience, technical knowledge and are proactively involved in further training and introducing new and advanced pathology testing within Australasia.


O’Neil Kinesiology College

Today O’Neill Kinesiology College is the only Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in Western Australia that offers two levels of government accredited Kinesiology training: Diploma of Kinesiology and Advanced Diploma of Kinesiology. Both courses deliver world class integrated Functional Kinesiology programs from the training centre in Western Australian. Our aim is to make a difference to people’s physical and emotional health, while at the same time providing an opportunity for individuals to embark on an exciting and highly rewarding career that is not only financially successful, but also spiritually fulfilling.



98alive(TM) is a PCT global patented, pure extract of Melaleuca alternifolia natural oil product developed by Professor Max Reynolds in 2001 and has been proven safe for human consumption both as a topical application and oral ingestion and listed on the TGA for sale over the counter (OTC). Our products include Immune Support Capsules and Syrup, Respiratory Health Inhalation Solution, Throat & Nasal Sprays, Pain Relief Oil, and, Healing Cream. Multiple independent testing laboratories & universities around the world have shown 98alive(TM) to exhibit: No toxicity side effects, 14 times greater anti-oxidant & anti-inflammatory reactivity than fish oil, Immune system boosting properties (increased special Neutrophils & T Cells), Anti-viral efficacy, Anti-bacterial action, Anti-fungal control, Anti-mould properties, Anti-inflammatory properties to reduce pain in soft tissue injury and Anaesthetic action on infected throats.

Activated Probiotics

Activated Probiotics

Activated Probiotics is an Australian company with a range of practitioner-only evidence based condition-specific probiotics. Activated Probiotics range includes clinically researched products and specific probiotic strains which target a number of different health concerns beyond the gut, including low mood and sleep, iron malabsorption, bone health, vaginal dysbiosis, mild eczema and more. With an understanding of the systemic health effects of the gut microbiota, Activated Probiotics is helping practitioners improve the management of some of the most prevalent and chronic health concerns with probiotic solutions and education-focus engagement with their community. You can find out more by visiting and their instagram and Facebook @activatedprobiotics.

LakeSpa Wellness Centre & the School of Integrated Therapy (SIBT)

LakeSpa Wellness Centre & the School of Integrated Therapy (SIBT)

The LakeSpa Wellness Centre & the School of Integrated Therapy (SIBT) work side by side to provide numerous Natural Medicine and educational opportunities for the local community. Since 1985 SIBT has trained well over 5,000 professional remedial massage practitioners. The LakeSpa Wellness Centre with its team of specialist Natural Medicine practitioners continue to offer a variety of services which can be viewed on their website.
Annually the centre and school assist over 10,000 clients to maintain their health or recover from a variety of health concerns. SIBT and LakeSpa are leaders in their field, and have a great team of practitioners and all staff are trained in massage and other modalities. We welcome your interest in the centre and the school.


Soul Advisor

SoulAdvisor is an emerging, purpose-aligned global booking platform for traditional and complementary therapies, founded in Australia.
Every SoulAdvisor practitioner has been meticulously selected and vetted to the highest industry standard via our rigorous qualification process. Our standards have been set by aligned associations and ensure that our practitioners are qualified in their services and commit to a professional duty of care to their clients.
Our global collective of trusted health practitioners have joined together to support people in their wellness journey and to create a happier, healthier world.

Attend an online event

As part of Natural Medicine Week accredited practitioners of the Australian Traditional-Medicine Society and partners are hosting a number of online events. Find out if there is an online event to learn, hear or experience natural therapies for yourself.


25th May


– 7:00pm AEDT

Preconception Health Care and Natural Fertility Programs

Francesca Naish

The Jocelyn Centre for Natural Fertility Management

28th May


– 1:00pm AEDT

Health & Wellness – Sensory Integrations

Mimi Love

Mimi Love Enterprises


27th May


– 3:10pm AEDT

The path to self-compassion

Endeavour College of Natural Health

& Body Wisdom