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Essentials of resistance training for women over 40


May 22, 2024
| 7:00pm
– 8:00pm AEST

Do you want the essential guide to getting started with resistance training?
With 26 years teaching women how to training safely and effectively and I can help you avoid the pitfalls and get consistent. We will cover
•What is resistance training
•Why should midlife women do it?
•What does the science say about RT for women over 40
•Why aren’t we all doing it? It’s better than botox (and cheaper)
•How is RT different when you’re over 40 compared to when you were 20?
•Risks vs benefits
•Setting up a program to get started
•Covering reps, sets and load
•Hormonal considerations
We will finish with a 20 min bodyweight workout lead by me to give you a taste of how easy it can be to integrate resistance training into your life. No more excuses.

The Posture Queen Bek

Hosted by

Bek Di Mauro
The Posture Queen
Bek Di Mauro is a Clinical Nutritionist, Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher. Bek brings 26 years as a Personal Trainer and her personal experience as a woman over 40 to this important topic of Resistance Training essentials for women over 40

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