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Transform negative emotions to positive emotions – Zen for Men (and anyone really)

May 22, 2024
| 6:00pm
– 6:45pm AEST

Zen For Men – this Zoom session provides a practical demonstration and application for Natural Medicine Week (NMW) 2024. Doing this segment for NMW was inspired by the loss of one of my brother-in-laws to suicide Dec last year.

If you are one that does not speak so much, clearing your organs can help shift energy and emotions.

QiGong is something I’ve worked with from my Traditional Chinese Medicine training and this 6 Healing Sounds was introduced to me by a friend/KungFu Sifu – Nathan Head.

The 6 healing Sounds is something I’m often sending to patients and share quite readily. This particular sequence created in both a visually appealing and systematic way by Mantuk Chia, makes this little sequence accessible to everyone. (thank you Mantuk & Nathan)

For NMW2024 I’ll be running a LIVE Zoom session taking you through the sounds and then the full sequence as a ‘meditation’ of sorts.

A little discussion and practice of the sounds will start our session (YES it is quite normal to feel silly doing them!) and then we will go through the whole sequence as a flowing (‘meditative’) relaxation.

Using the 6 Healing Sounds as a full sequence is something I recommend patients do as an ‘end of day’ practice. This simple sequence clears the organs and helps you settle into the body for a restful sleep.

A PDF copy of the 6 Healing Sounds will be sent out as well!

Donna Eddy White

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