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Dr Brad Leech

PhD-qualified Clinical Nutritionist

Dr Brad Leech is a PhD-qualified Clinical Nutritionist and Herbalist specialising in chronic autoimmune conditions and complex gastrointestinal disorders. He provides complete and personalised care to his patients using functional nutrition, integrative medicine and holistic wellness. 

After entering the profession in 2008, Brad has taught and developed subjects at leading universities and conducted research on intestinal permeability, autoimmune disease management and food-based probiotics. 

Brad is the Lead Clinical Educator at Co-Biome by Microba where his expertise in gastrointestinal healthcare enables him to translate the latest science on the gut microbiome into practical clinical applications. 

In addition to being an Adjunct Fellow at the National Centre for Naturopathic Medicine, Brad offers practitioner support through his multiple mentoring programs.

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Dr Brad Leech
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