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Rafael Bucater

Remedial massage therapist

As a Massage & Exercise Specialist, Rafael uses a systematic process to functionally assess, correct and strengthen your body to function at its optimal level, and is passionate about teaching others to do so.

Rafael has been a Health and Fitness Professional since 2004 and has a wealth of experience applying rehabilitation skills to a variety of sports injuries, chronic pain, muscle disorders, joint aches and pre & post-surgery conditions.

Rafael has a bachelor’s degree in physical education, a post-graduate degree in exercise physiology overseas, and a diploma in fitness, sports, and remedial massage, in Australia.

Check out Rafael’s video on Massage, Posture and Stretching!

Rafael currently lecturing at the Australian Institute of Fitness, Adelaide campus in fitness and massage courses for the last 7 years.

Rafael Bucater has presented at the 2019 South Australian Sports Medicine FAST conference to sports trainers on sports massage techniques and self-care techniques and offers mentoring services and tutorials to new therapists.

See what the past attendees have to say about: 

“What a great educator! I have been through a bachelor’s degree and wish he was the lecturer! I would have learned a lot more as he understands how people learn in various ways”. 

“Rafa is very personable and a good presenter. He is clear in his instructions and very knowledgeable about his topic. Presents his information in a variety of ways to assist all types of learning styles”. 

“Rafael is a fantastic trainer, a fountain of knowledge. He made the seminar very enjoyable as well as informative. Surpassed all my expectations. Would definitely attend another seminar by Rafael. Overall a very pleasant and enjoyable experience”

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24th May


– 7:00pm AEST

Quiz Night – What do you know about Massage Therapy?

Rafa Massage Therapy

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Rafael Bucater