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Is your cough a virus or something else?

By Jenetta Haim
from Stressfree Management®

In this era we need to be aware that it is also possible to catch a cold, have a sore throat or a dose of normal flu and a fever for many reasons. Coughs and colds are usually found as the winter months draw near so it’s important to protect and wear sensible clothing and keep warm. There are also other viruses, bacterial infections, allergies etc. that can cause bronchitis and stuffy noses. So, don’t hit the panic button if you have one of these. Regardless, the current medical advice is if you have any symptoms then call your GP to test and exclude the possibility of the Coronavirus.

If it’s an infection, then antibiotics may be required. If it’s not stay warm, lots of fluids, a hot lemon and honey drink, take your supplements as I outline below, get a rug, download some Netflix and relax. In a day or two you will be feeling much better. Also, you will be rested and if your cough is still there it won’t be as loud or irritating.

There is a recipe I use with great success from the instant you get a sore throat or even a twinge. Take a high dose of Echinacea, twice on day one and if it doesn’t seem to work then double the dose on the second day. Add to this high potency vitamin B two a day and at least 1000mg vitamin C. There are some very good practitioner only products about and coupled with the other recommendations above and a healthy diet soon you will be feeling better.

Foods that will assist you are garlic, onion, ginger, horseradish, chilli, peppers (especially for the throat). Remember to take an extra pillow to sleep with you and perhaps a few drops of Eucalyptus in a burner to humidify the house and clear the nasal passages. Nasal sprays should be kept to a minimum unless it’s saline solution to clear the passages.

Coughing is not always a symptom of a cold. It can be from smoking, allergies or other irritations. Some people cough when they become over anxious and others have side effects to prescribed medications which cause them to cough. If however the cause of the cough is gastric reflux then you need to attend to it with proper diet and slippery elm powder in a ¼ cup of warm water a few times a day. For those of you with night reflux take some slippery elm before bedtime. So don’t jump when the person next to you coughs once or twice.

Coughing can also be a release or a clearing of the lungs and airways from such things as dust, smoke, irritants and unwanted mucus in the respiratory tract. To a trained ear different sounding coughs will give you a hint as to the cause. One of the most common causes of cough during the night is a post-nasal drip which happens when mucus runs down the back of the throat from the nose and sinuses. It could be due to sinus or allergies depending on what irritants there are in the bedroom.

Remember your carpets, curtains etc. may have certain chemicals to which you are sensitive and there are tests you can do for this. Similarly, if you are working in air conditioning it may be triggering you.

If you do have a persistent cough check your house or office for what could be irritating you. What trees are around? What is the wind blowing in the air? What sweet smelling chemicals have you brought in with your shopping that could be causing you to cough and sneeze? What perfumes and cleaning products could be annoying your sinuses? Anyone who has a persistent cough of needs to consult a general practitioner. If your cough is dry then you can alleviate the irritation by sucking on throat lozenges. If it is a chesty cough then get a good expectorant medicine which help you bring out the phlegm. Give your immunity a boost with a multivitamin – this also ensures nutrient support. Wander through the shelves of your health food store. You will be surprised at what you will find.

There can be lots of reasons why you are coughing and you need to find the cause and alleviate the symptoms. The point is that being healthy is about keeping your immunity high and of course follow the procedures of staying safe, washing your hands and the directives as per our health advisors on the news.

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