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Jenetta Haim

Nutritionist, Stress Management Specialist and Hypnotherapist

As a member of ATMS Jenetta Haim runs a full holistic clinic in Greystanes having attained her Diploma in Nutrition in 1981. Since then Jenetta has serviced the community both nationally and internationally face to face at her clinic, public lectures and courses and via the internet.

Jenetta specialises in diagnosis and application of sound methods to assist her clients to heal from core causes. Her many areas of speciality take into account everything from gut issues to pain management to conquering your fears and phobias. Jenetta’s passion and interest is YOU as a client and to assist YOU to be the best that you can be on every level – energetically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. She believes all people have the capability to tap into their passion and use it to bring joy, peace and wellbeing into their lives – it’s just a matter of having the right toolkit.

Jenetta runs her clinic amidst many other interests involving tutoring of children, social activities and working with her community to assist people to pursue their freedom and truth.

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