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Unraveling Nutrient Deficiencies: Why do I have low Iron, Magnesium, B12 and Zinc


May 22, 2024
| 7:30pm
– 8:30pm AEST

Join us for an enlightening session where we dive into the common causes and implications of deficiencies in key nutrients: Iron, Magnesium, B12, and Zinc.

Key Topics to be Covered:
> Understanding Nutrient Roles: Learn about the crucial functions of Iron, Magnesium, B12, and Zinc in our bodies.
> Identifying Deficiencies: Signs and symptoms to watch for, and the importance of proper testing.
> Dietary Sources: Exploring rich natural food sources for each of these nutrients.
> Impact of Lifestyle and Health Conditions: How lifestyle choices and certain health conditions can lead to these deficiencies.
> Supplementation and Absorption: Discussing when supplementation is necessary and how to ensure optimal absorption.
> Interactive Q&A Session: A chance to ask your questions and get expert advice.

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Anthia Koullouros
Apotheca By Anthia
Anthia Koullouros has been a practising naturopath, herbalist and organic food, health & lifestyle educator with over 29 years of clinical experience. Anthia's Naturopathic Clinic, Apothecary, and Apotheca Tea & Tisane Store is located in Paddington, Sydney Australia.

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