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Donna Eddy

Movement Coach, Trainer & Acupuncturist

A committed and proactive healer

I know first hand how debilitating pain can be. Originally a movement coach and trainer, I turned to movement therapy as a way to restore myself to full health after experiencing serious back injury at 21yrs old.

I’ve dedicated my life to distilling the best techniques and helping others understand, manage and recover from pain and to a deeper degree life (be it stress to unresolved emotional content). For more than 30 years  I have immersed myself in all things movement and therapy. As a registered and active acupuncturist (offering three different styles of acupuncture), a trained counsellor & psychotherapist, massage professional, stretch therapist and coach. I have treated thousands of patients and educated private and professional clients of all ages.

I support all of my clients with a complete care package of personalised programming and detailed coaching support. My offerings are as diverse as my training and the results are both potent and profound. My dharma in this life is to teach. I fulfilled that by teaching Diploma level Anatomy & Massage at TAFE and to international students. My dedication to inspire movement and empower those whom have suffered injuries and pain is life long. I’m here to teach – heal – counsel – inspire. I’ve created and continue to develop movement programs like Posture Plus; soulfully nourishing immersions like ZenYin & Salubrious Sunrises; mind body reconnecting corporate programs like UNwind & Free Feet. Connect with me to see how I can either help you or your team. Be the exception and age youthfully…. is your next step a Salubrious one?

Events by Donna
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