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Zoe Rosa


Zoe Rosa is a clinical Australian naturopath who practices online, with her business ‘Zoe Rosa Wellness’. She was awarded Student of the Year 2022 by the Australian Traditional-Medicine Society for her volunteering in Fiji performing health checks. She came to study naturopathy after many years of struggling with acne. She now helps many women with their hormones, gut health and nervous systems so that they too can feel their best and finally get answers to their health conditions.


I came to be a naturopath after over 10 years of struggling with cystic acne as a teenager and many failed attempts at treating it with endless medications, from antibiotics, the pill and 3 separate rounds of Roaccutane.

After the fourth time my acne returned, I decided to heal it naturally. In this process, I discovered what a naturopath was and my life changed.

I was shown how to heal from the inside out, and I committed to changing my lifestyle and food habits to truly heal my skin.

My skin became not only clear, but I got my glow back, a glow I hadn’t seen since my childhood before the acne began. I also got my period back which had been missing and irregular for years. I finally felt in tune with my body again.

Acne can be devastating for self-esteem and confidence. I try to see my history with acne as a blessing, as not only have I learnt how to be healthy and prevent other diseases but I can now share my wisdom with others who wish to clear their skin and regain their confidence and empower them to understand their bodies and cycles.

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Zoe Rosa
Zoe Rosa Wellness
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Zoe Rosa

Zoe Rosa Wellness