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10 tips for Menstrual Cycle Syncing from a Kinesiologist

By Alice Bullivant
from Kinesialice
Are you wondering why you have good energy for a week or two, and then you feel flat for the next week or two? Maybe your energy is up and down and you can’t figure out why?

Sometimes you aren’t even aware of what the different parts of your cycle are, apart from the obvious.

Heard of cycle syncing? Simply, it’s aligning activity, sleep, food and self-care with your monthly cycle in a modern lifestyle.

Here are KinesiAlice’s top 10 tips for cycle syncing:
  1. Use natural menstrual products, such as organic cotton tampons or menstrual cups, to reduce exposure to harmful chemicals and reduce waste.
  2. Adjust your sleep schedule to match your menstrual cycle. During the follicular phase, aim for 7-8 hours of sleep per night. During the luteal phase, aim for 8-9 hours of sleep per night. Get plenty of sleep during your menstrual cycle to support hormone regulation and improve energy levels.
  3. Adjust your workout routine according to your menstrual cycle. During the follicular phase (days 1-14), focus on strength training and high-intensity workouts. During the luteal phase (days 15-28), switch to low-impact exercises such as yoga and Pilates. Practice gentle exercise, such as walking or swimming, during your menstrual cycle to reduce stress, fatigue and cramping. Avoid strenuous exercise at this time
  4. Track your menstrual cycle using a period tracker app or a paper calendar. You can use this to track fertility windows, libido, plan conception, follow symptoms, track mood, energy, appetite and cravings, and even plan your life!
  5. Adjust your skincare routine to match your menstrual cycle. During the follicular phase, focus on exfoliation and brightening products. During the luteal phase, focus on hydration and soothing products.
  6. Adjust your wardrobe according to your menstrual cycle. During the follicular phase, wear bold colors and patterns to match your energy and confidence. During the luteal phase, opt for comfortable and cozy clothes to match your need for relaxation.
  7. Adjust your haircare routine to match your menstrual cycle. During the follicular phase, focus on volumizing and styling products. During the luteal phase, focus on nourishing and strengthening products.
  8. During the follicular phase, focus on networking and socialising
  9. Incorporate more omega-3 fatty acids into your diet during the luteal phase to reduce inflammation and alleviate PMS symptoms. Good sources include salmon, flaxseeds, and chia seeds.
  10. During the follicular phase, focus on building new habits and breaking bad ones, as the surge in estrogen enhances willpower and motivation.
Want to learn more about cycle syncing and your natural rhythms? KinesiAlice is running a webinar for Natural Medicine Week.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:
• What cycle syncing is
• What the different stages of your cycle are
• How to use this knowledge to align your activity, sleep, food, self-care and even work and social schedules with the natural rhythms of your body
• How kinesiology can support you with your menstrual health

Menstruation and hormonal fluctuations are a normal part of life for women. This is part of our feminine power and purpose, and really isn’t supposed to be difficult and a burden to bear. Let me show you how!

You’ll come out of this webinar understanding yourself better, knowing more about what your body is telling you, and feeling empowered to live your life on purpose in alignment with your natural rhythms.

Register now for KinesiAlice’s free webinar on cycle syncing.

More about the author

KinesiAlice Headshot 3
Alice Bullivant
– Kinesialice

Alice is a kinesiologist, mind body medicine therapist and integrative complementary therapist – a lot of words to say that her job is to interpret what your body is trying to tell you!  How she does this is through some counselling and some muscle monitoring to tap into your body’s innate healing ability. She uses a variety of tools and techniques such as acupressure, energetic medicine and more to uncover more information about what your body needs to return to balance.

Kinesiology is a unique therapy that address all levels of mind body and soul in one, and because your body gives the information, each kinesiology session is uniquely tailored to what you need on all levels.

Alice has a busy full-time clinic in Bella Vista, in the northwest of Sydney, for those who would like to see her in person, and also offers online kinesiology using energetic medicine for people in all parts of Australia.