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Xingpijieyu and how it can help you with Stress and Depression

By Jenetta Haim
from Stressfree Management®

What Is Xingpijieyu?

Xingpijieyu (XPJY) is a traditional Chinese herb which has been used for centuries. It has been found effective in the treatment of stress, anxiety and depression.

It is quite often the case that too much stress in a person’s life, taking on too much, can lead to anxiety, overwhelm and panic attack.

A panic attack is very alarming because it’s usually accompanied with –

  • trouble swallowing
  • shortness of breath
  • sometimes a cough
  • heart palpitations
  • foggy head
  • some cases, people feel like they are going to have a heart attack and become even more fearful

These conditions affect our mental health and lead to even more overwhelm. This is often accompanied with low moods and a loss of joy and interest in activities you used to love to do. Add this to a foggy head which gives you cognitive dysfunction meaning you can’t ‘think straight’ to go through your day and life becomes miserable. Hence the depression. There follows a loss of memory and learning ability for both adults and children, and it creates a cycle which seems to be endless.

XPJY is useful in all of the above instances and also for learning and memory issues for both adults and children. There are a number of studies that show how successfully it can be used in those areas.

Studies done with Xingpijieyu

XPJY is a great for improving mood and for many other issues that go with depression. It has been found to successfully improve the signal pathways connected with emotion, memory and learning – namely the hippocampus.

One instance is in a study done in Beijing by the Institute of Psychology at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The study was carried out on 60 rats divided into groups. The outcome in part showed that there were increases in spatial learning which led to heightened memory abilities in one XPJY group. It was also found in this study that XPJY can achieve the same improvements with regards to memory as sertraline (SSRIs) in a second group, and in a third group even better results than for sertraline with regard to spatial learning and memory. Another group benefited from prevention of stress related weight loss. So, the properties of XPJY help the memory, improve cognitive abilities and can prevent weight loss associated with stress.

In another study it was found that XPJY works on gut inflammation and the gut microbiota. These are now known to have an impact on stress related and depression pathways. There are now a number of studies that show that treating gut inflammation with probiotics can also have a positive effect on cognitive level, stress levels and depression. The gut relationship with our mental abilities is of paramount importance and this is one reason why the food you eat, the lifestyle you lead impacts so directly on your moods and mental disposition.

Since there are no known negative side effects of XPJY it means it can safely be used, in the correct dosages, as suggested by your accredited natural practitioner.

If you are suffering from these symptoms above of stress, anxiety and depression speak to your natural therapist or Chinese herbalist to see how they can assist. XPJY is one gentle herb that can help you improve your mental disposition. Often it is great to have a team of medical professionals who will assist you on your pathway to health. A naturopath or nutritionist, a chiropractor, a Chinese herbalist, a massage therapist and/or a physiotherapist, counselling/psychologist and other practitioners can all make a good team with your doctor to help you improve your health, your disposition and mood as well as give you a better lifestyle in line with your goals and dreams.

More about the author

jenetta pic 2 headshot from vivid
Jenetta Haim
– Stressfree Management®

Jenetta Haim - Nutritionist, Stress Management Specialist and Hypnotherapist

Jenetta Haim is accredited in many modalities beginning her journey at age 17 through the inspiration of her mother’s interests in Louise Hay. Over the years Jenetta studied many religions and cultures which brought her to attain a Master’s Degree specialising in ways to handle stress in Western Society using Eastern Philosophies.

As a member of ATMS she runs a full holistic clinic in Greystanes having attained her Diploma in Nutrition in 1981. Since then Jenetta has serviced the community both nationally and internationally face to face at her clinic, public lectures and courses and via the internet.

Jenetta specialises in diagnosis and application of sound methods to assist her clients to heal from core causes. Her many areas of speciality take into account everything from gut issues to pain management to conquering your fears and phobias. Jenetta’s passion and interest is YOU as a client and to assist YOU to be the best that you can be on every level – energetically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. She believes all people have the capability to tap into their passion and use it to bring joy, peace and wellbeing into their lives – it’s just a matter of having the right toolkit.

Jenetta runs her clinic amidst many other interests. She is an international author, runs a tutoring school, enjoys social activities and working with her community to assist people to pursue their freedom and truth.