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What you should look for in a holistic healing environment

By Danielle Gigante
from Resonate Therapy

When we are about to do an exam, we create space for study. It is the mental space required to retain the information. When we are going on a holiday, we clear our schedule and minds and create the space for fun & adventure. When we are receiving a treatment, we create space to relax… but it isn’t always that easy, sometimes we need a little support getting there!

Therapists who can create a space for people to breathe and release on more than a physical level, have cultivated a true craft! Finding someone who can drop us into our parasympathetic nervous system after a hectic day, is a blessing! Being in our PNS is where all the magic happens! When we are seeking any form of therapy or healing, we are hoping the therapist sees more than just the physical issue and that just maybe, they may be able to create the space for a deeper level of healing. Exceptional therapists work in exceptional treatment spaces and have the wisdom and know how to create space within their clients for optimal healing. Creating space is a vibe, a sound, smell, colour and texture… it’s the tone in the therapists voice & the way we are received when we walk into a treatment space. We are there to immerse, not only to receive the treatment we have booked in for, that’s a given, but to feel we’ve had a self care experience that leaves us feeling full throughout all of the senses. Entering an inviting treatment space allows the space within to open to receive.

So often we walk into a therapy room, and it is nothing but clinical. The lighting is too bright, the walls covered in anatomy diagrams, maybe a struggle plant in the corner. First impressions and the energies of the room
are a big part of the experience yet so many therapists are not aware of this important factor.

As a Remedial therapist, I would always look for qualifications, certificates, accreditation’s and check the remedial therapists website for more information. This information gives us peace of mind that we are in qualified hands and should definitely be displayed. I am particularly interested in where my therapists have studied and what they have done to further their education.

Walking into an activated treatment space/clinic immediately starts to active release on a deeper level. We want OUT of our sympathetic (fight & flight) and INTO our parasympathetic (rest & digest) nervous systems, not the other way around. Soft, meditation music playing on arrival brings an immediate exhale. Essential oils or a candle burning with a lovely natural aroma like citrus lift and lighten the mental activity. Healing tools and products displayed in a decorative way shows us what the therapist offers. Having flowers and/or crystals around the space brings in an energy that lifts enhances the vibe. Books on display show us the self-education of the therapist and can guide us towards certain stages of our healing and/or physical, emotional & spiritual growth. A few hanging plants that are thriving, represent growth and nurturing.

The other thing that often stands out is the energy of the previous client. Not only in the room but in the energy of the therapist, this shows me there is no “Energetic Hygiene” happening in this space. I feel those energies and then feel I need to clear the space energetically before my own session. It is the practitioner or therapists’ responsibility to clear the space before the next session. It is imperative to ensure there is no energy transference and also gives the therapist a moment to clear their field of the previous session. It’s wonderful to find a therapist that is energetically aware and trained, the sessions are always so much more complete and nourishing for the body and soul. Simple sage or a space clearing spray to clear the space is a basic clearing method… in this era of energy awareness, this should always be considered for you to receive the treatment curated for you and you alone. It is noticed when a therapist just jumps into the treatment without taking a moment to connect. Who doesn’t love that moment of stillness and breath to shift out of the mental and into the space between mind and body. Those who have experienced a comprehensive treatment would understand the importance of the “Drop In” moment that melts the outside world away and ushers in the space for release and deep relaxation.

When the therapist spends therapeutic time where it’s needed and then adds some specialised energetic techniques into the session, it’s always appreciated. The days of no pain no gain are gone! Anywhere there is pain,
there will be an underlying emotional aspect so going deeply and gently is respectful and nurturing.
Understanding the chakra & meridian systems assists to connect the dots… Whatever therapy you are receiving, it’s always inspiring to see products used by the therapist to give us an idea of how to support our equilibrium. Anti-inflammatory CBD rolls on and oils are a gift from Mother Earth herself and perfect for the ultimate pain relief!

To truly create change, it’s important to understand that healing is holistic throughout all of the bodies, physical, emotional, mental and energetic. When we book a treatment, it’s more than therapeutic massage or whatever modality one is there for, we are booking time for self-care and nurturing. It is a sensory thing… not just a therapy thing!
Creating a space for healing is unique to each therapist – There is someone for everyone and it’s so relieving to find the therapist and therapy space that is right for you.

More about the author

Danielle Gigante
Danielle Gigante
– Resonate Therapy

Danielle's path in the healing realms started with her innate knowledge of touch and awareness of energy.
Her educational journey into body work commenced at the Australasian College of Natural Therapies where she completed Diplomas in Aromatherapy & Remedial Therapies. Over the following years, her experience in these modalities was realised whilst managing, concocting and massaging in prominent Aromatherapy stores and later working with cutting edge Chiropractors throughout Sydney enhancing her understand of the nervous and skeletal systems.
She has also completed studies in Yoga instruction, personal training and aerobics instruction which deepened her understanding of Anatomy and Physiology. To build on her existing qualifications, she went on to study other modalities such as Thought field therapy, Hot Stones massage, Pregnancy massage, Indian Head massage, Reflexology, Ki yoga, Meridians and Food as medicine.
She created Resonate Therapy as a professional platform which continues today as a highly regarded multi-levelled treatment & education provider in the beautiful shires of Byron Bay & Ballina in Northern NSW. These days she is a very successful Massage Therapist, Energy
healer, Meditation Instructor, Crystal sound bowl healing & Workshop & Blessing way facilitator in Byron Bay and online Energy healing & Meditation.
Her passion for sharing her knowledge of the healing arts is palpable, the information she shares is a must for anyone on their healing journey.