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Unleash Your Potential and Achieve Your Destiny with Kinesiology

By Angela Sciberras
from The Kineziologist
What can Kinesiology help?

Written by Angela Sciberras, The Kineziologist

Many people don’t realise the diverse range of problems that kinesiology can address. In my work I have addressed endless issues faced by the community including but not limited to; Chronic Fatigue, digestive issues – feeling disconnected from life or yourself, pain, aches, anxiety, dis-regulation, mood swings – exhaustion, learning issues, depression, trauma, vagal nerve issues, chronic stress. However, as practitioners, we don’t only deal with stressful issues, we regularly work with people who wish to increase their bottom line, expand their business, or work through whatever is holding them back in an area of their life.

Prolonged trauma or stress can have us living in flight, fight or freeze states which can have long lasting and powerful effects on our nervous system, brain, and ability to function in the world. Short term stress is needed in life, it is when we are exposed to long term unresolved stress that our entire body can be affected in a variety of ways. Trauma and stress can mirror in the symptoms of our gut, organs, and mental health.

Kinesiology is an effective tool to access information about the state of the systems of the body.

A ‘Typical’ Kinesiology Session

I now provide a wholistic experience with the powerful combination of Clinical Biochemical Facial Analysis and Assessment, Iris assessment to discover the blueprint of your genetic, generational tendencies, strengths, and potentials. This knowledge can then be pulled together with a Kinesiology session to balance the body, mind, and spirit to the above and discover the blocks, traumas, patterns, beliefs, and habits preventing you from living a life you love and transforming symptoms. The initial consultation is over 3 hours.

In each session, using muscle testing and the body’s innate bio feedback Kinesiologists can discover the traumas, fears, habits, or self-sabotage patterns that are holding you back from becoming unleashed in your life and creating the health, relationships, freedom, business success and fulfilment you wish for.

Having lived my own personal and powerful transformation, I know what it takes to support you to energise your business, career, relationship, and life journey to the next level.

Benefits of Kinesiology

Using Kinesiology we can gather the pieces to the subconscious puzzle that are the reasons, patterns, and perceptions as to why you may be experiencing symptoms, emotions, and suffering. Kinesiology can identify the blockages in you that prevent the full and unleashed self-expression of your soul, holding you back from achieving your destiny.

Through Kinesiology, my mission is to activate hearts, restore hope and unleash the magic of human potential to inspire on a personal and global level. It is a privilege to empower human beings, assisting them to get to the core of what it is that is limiting them, what they are dealing with, and why it may be preventing them from achieving their goals, dreams, destiny, and aspirations. If we, as humanity, can raise the roof on our lives, find peace, reconciliation and live our greatest potential, imagine the world we will live in in years and generations to come. The outcome I am seeking is to see as many people as possible live a life they love and leaving a legacy that nourishes people for generations to come.

More about the author

Angela Sciberras
Angela Sciberras
– The Kineziologist

Angela Sciberras, The Kineziologist: “With 20 years’ experience and thousands of client sessions, it has been an immense honour to journey with thousands of souls, witnessing countless hearts healing, be touched by the courage and humility of thousands of humans, and be moved by humanity in all its forms.

After completing my Bachelor of Arts Music Degree (with an honours 4th year in Ethnomusicology) I was introduced to the world of Kinesiology due to a performer / instrumentalist injury. With mind boggling results after one session, bringing relief to my extraordinary pain, I became fascinated in the 'how' of Kinesiology, and in awe of the mind, body, spirit connection. Opening in 2006 as a Kinesiologist I have studied and become qualified in three completely different Kinesiology styles; Neuro Linguistic Kinesiology, Neuro Training Kinesiology, and Resolve Kinesiology, earning the title of Specialist Kinesiologist with extensive qualifications in nutrition, communication, anatomy and physiology, business management, work health and safety and marketing.

Along the way I studied Clinical Therapeutic Music (Harp) with the late Stella Benson of the International Healing Musicians Program. leaning to specialise in bringing relief to those in Palliative Care and their families. I have spent 16 years working as a clinical bedside harpist, witnessing countless souls pass away more peacefully, and supporting those grieving their loss. Over time I have played harp for hundreds of funerals and viewings, remembrance ceremonies and candle lighting events."