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They can’t find anything wrong with me – can you help?

By Jenetta Haim
from Stressfree Management®

I often get phone calls from people about to give up and in desperate need of help, all of them ask the question “Can you help me?”. They tell me of the tests they’ve done, and the results coming back negative, but they are still in doubt and in need of help. Theoretically, they have nothing ailing them but are still experiencing physical symptoms, varying from a stuffy nose and a foggy head to stress and overwhelming tiredness. Considering all these symptoms, regardless of the test results, these people cannot function.

What does a naturopath or therapist do when faced with this question? Often, it’s a matter of checking our ‘a, b, c’s’ when it comes to understanding what is happening, digging deeper rather than trying a band aid approach.

Let’s look at Client A and Client B as examples:

Client A presents herself with a stuffy nose and a foggy head. She is stressed both at work and home and taking it out on the family. At times she feels sick when she eats and suffers from an upset stomach. Doctors have said it could possibly be IBS but are unsure.

After investigation, we found that Client A has sinus and inflammation, isn’t getting enough sleep and doesn’t rest even when sleeping. Her version of relaxing is at 10pm, ironing in front of the TV. She doesn’t have an ‘off’ button. Client A also doesn’t eat properly or drink enough water, takes no natural supplements, and spends weekends chauffeuring the kids and catching up on housework. The question I want her to answer; ‘how long have you been neglecting yourself?’

Client B is a male, newly separated and in courts for a pending divorce. He has been depressed and anxious for about two years or more and is trying to get his self-esteem back by studying to get a new job. He has old sporting injuries that continue to hurt, is overweight and between the kids visits, work and solicitors, he is becoming a hermit. He plods through his day tired and in pain. Client B’s blood tests show high cortisol but nothing else.

Again, I’m asked the same question – “Why do I feel so bad, they hardly found anything?”

Both Client A and B have much in common, but we must consider their individuality. They want support and answers, however, there is no ‘quick fix’. Yes, we can treat symptoms and make them feel better, but clients need to understand that improving health is not as simple as a few supplements and that they will need to make some long term changes.

If you and your practitioner work as a team to get you healthy, this can work, but don’t expect them to ‘fix’ you. You aren’t broken. They will put you on supplements to restore your imbalances, test you for inflammation and help you lower it, design a healthy eating plan for you, motivate you to keep going, and listen to your feedback to tailor something specific for your needs.

So, in answer to your question – “They can’t find anything wrong with me – can you help?” my answer, and yours, needs to be a resounding, confident ‘Yes!’

More about the author

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Jenetta Haim
– Stressfree Management®

Jenetta Haim (ATMS member number 10867) is a nutritionist and natural therapist specialising in many modalities. She runs Stressfree Management® at Gipps Road, Greystanes.

Jenetta’s book ‘Stress-Free Health Management, A Natural Solution for Your Health’ written in simplistic chapters will give you further insight into how to get healthy and stay healthy.