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Stick your Tongue Out! What does your tongue say?

By Caroline van der Mey
from Healing Solutions

Your tongue has a story to tell you about your health.

It used to be a routine request when you went to see a health professional, they would look at your tongue.

What does your tongue tell you? Your tongue changes very quickly.

Think about the last time you had a cold and how thick and furry your tongue was.

Or remember the last time you had a big night out and how horrible your mouth and tongue was the next morning. Not to mention how your head felt and how your energy levels had plummeted.

When you start to regularly observe your tongue, you get to know what is normal for you and then you start to notice when changes happen.

The best way to look at your tongue is to stick it out and use a torch to light it. You can then use a mirror to see what it shows you, or you may like to use the camera in your phone to take a photo of your tongue – that way you get to keep a record of what it is doing and the changes it makes.

Having a torch is also great if you start to look at other people’s tongues whether that is family, friends or clients the torch elevates your status to being a professional. With a torch others no longer feel self conscious they trust that you are the authority and know what you are doing.

Now you are looking at your tongue what are you looking for?

The first thing is colour.

The colour of your tongue should be even and a pale pink. Notice if there is any coating and where the coating is. Is the coating at the back? Is the coating thick or thin?

If you have a creamy coating at the back of your tongue this often indicates that your body is too acidic. You may want to check if you need to increase your intake of fresh fruit and vegetables. Also know that stress can make your body more acidic and that you may need to address your stress levels and bring in some relaxation.

If your tongue is coated all over this can indicate that your lymphatic system is under a load. This may possibly mean that you are coming down with a cold or flu. It could also mean that your body is coping with more toxins than ideal. It may be time to support your immune system and your detox pathways.

The tongue on the left shows a white coating, whilst the tongue on the right is a normal tongue.

Notice if there are any cracks on the tongue, Are there many cracks, or one central crack? Cracks in your tongue can often indicate dehydration. You may want to check how much water you are drinking.

Is your tongue still or does it quiver and shake all the time? If your tongue is constantly moving this may indicate that your stress load is higher than ideal, what can you do to help you relax? How can you reduce your stress load?

Is there any dent marks around the edge of your tongue or is the edge even.  The dent marks are marks your teeth make because your tongue is swollen.  This fluid retention may be due to the load your liver is under. Have you been consuming more alcohol than recommended or is your liver under a load for other reasons. Some liver support and detox may be required.

Please note if your whole tongue is swollen this often indicates an allergic reaction and you need to get that checked immediately.

The above tongue shows dent marks along the edge of the tongue.

Cleaning your tongue takes away some key indicators and clears the coating on your tongue and may mean you miss seeing some valuable signs.

These are some key tongue signs and what they can indicate. It is worth checking your tongue and seeing what information it can tell you. When you start to regularly check your tongue you get to see what is normal for you and when changes occur.

We are all unique and what works for one person may not work for another. With your health be informed so you can make the best decision for you, and if in doubt seek the advice of a natural health care professional.

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If you would like to know more about tongue signs please visit your natural health practitioner.

More about the author

Meditation and Stillness
Caroline van der Mey
– Healing Solutions

I have been a practitioner since 1994 and am a current member of ATMS and the Guild of Naturopathic Iridologists.

I am passionate about natural health and helping others on their healing journey. Iridology is a key area of interest for me and as well as physical iridology I have studied Rayid and Personality iridology with the original founders of these techniques.

Being able to see eyes through magnification gives great insight into the persons health and personality. I love sharing my knowledge with others and this has lead me to lecturing at local naturopathic colleges as well as overseas.

I also run courses sharing my knowledge with others on a variety of topics including Nutrition, Iridology, Intuitive Healing, Tissue Salts, Flower Essence and more. As a naturopath, I see people with all sorts of health issues, and have specific interest in thyroid related health issues, autoimmune conditions, digestive health and the body mind connection.

This has led me to have a great understanding of the nervous system and how stress is intimately related to many of the health conditions that are prevalent today.

I always look forward to being part of Natural Medicine Week as it gives me a chance to share my knowledge with those who may not normally get to meet me.