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Sweet potato, chickpea and broccoli cooked salad

Brought to you by Danielle Elliott
from Tummy Rescue

Try this cooked salad, which you can eat cold or hot.
You can add some protein if you like too on the morning or right before.
If you can’t tell already, I love sweet potato but you can also switch for pumpkin. I used both.



1 sweet potato
(I had a little pumpkin left over after making pumpkin soup too)
Small head of broccoli
1 tin of organic chickpeas
1/4 cup of mixed seeds -pumpkin and sunflower


Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius or 160 of fan forced.
Peel and dice the pumpkin and sweet potato into 2cm cubes and lay on a lined tray.
Slice the broccoli and lay on another tray.
Rinse the chickpeas and let drain in a sieve so they are dryer. I also dab with some paper towel before laying on the tray, this makes them crispier.
Place the seeds in the tray too.
Drizzle some extra virgin olive oil on the veg but not the chickpeas or seeds, you want them to dry roast so they stay crispy.
Sprinkle 1 pinch of cinnamon on the pumpkin, 2 pinches of coriander on the sweet potato, 2 pinches of Turmeric on the broccoli and 4 pinches of cumin on the chickpeas. .
Pull out eat ingredient as it’s ready and cool on a plate.
Seeds need about 10 minutes, Broccoli 15 minutes, chickpeas 30 minutes, pumpkin 35 minutes and the sweet potato 45 minutes. I set timers so I can do other things while this salad cooks. .

I keep all the ingredients separate for a couple of reasons, I can pull them out as they are ready and cool on a plate. When putting in the container I can layer them, to keep the wetter veg at the bottom and chickpeas and seeds on top to keep them crunchier.

About the Author

Danielle has been working with patients for over 15 years and now gets to focus on patients who have digestive complaints in her clinic Tummy Rescue. After her husband was diagnosed with his second digestive autoimmune condition 10 years ago, she dived into the world of Gut Health and her true passion developed. Since then Danielle has self published her book “Gluten Free and Happy”, which helps people with Coeliac Disease and Non-Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity navigate every aspect of this complicated world and to learn to protect their health but also live without fear.

In 2015 Danielle discovered the world of SIBO, thanks to Dr.Nirala Jacobi and she knew that was where she had to focus to help those IBS patients who didn’t respond. Since then she has concentrated her study and clinical focus on all things SIBO related, including completing many SIBO courses like the SIBO Mastery Program, Jason Hawlerak’s Microbiome Restoration & Functional Nutritional Lab Digestive Intensive. She now also works alongside Dr. Nirala Jacobi and her team at the Biome Clinic, consulting with patients world-wide.

Danielle, loves educating the general public through her IG & FB pages & by being a guest on podcasts for BioPractica. She also regularly writes for Bio-Practica and Brauer Professional, to educate practitioners on the use of their ranges.