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Simple Noodles

Brought to you by Melanie Peers
from Healthy Body Nutrition

Store bought noodles while delicious and convenient contain a multitude of questionable ingredients including flavour enhancers, thickeners, artificial flavours and multiple forms of MSG. This recipe is equally as delicious and convenient without all the nasties. In fact, it’s so easy your kids can make it themselves!! Adding fat and the protein from bone broth will keep them fuller for longer.

Serves 1


1 portion of Chang’s Long Life or Vermicelli
Rice Noodles
3 tsp chicken or beef bone broth
1½ cups of boiling water
1 teaspoon of fat (ghee, tallow or olive oil)
Salt to taste


1. Pour boiling water into saucepan on low heat and add noodles
2. Add bone broth and stir to combine
3. Cook for 2 minutes or until soft
4. Stir in the fat
5. Pour into bowl and leave to cool slightly
6. Add salt to taste and enjoy

Extra Nutrition:
Add parsley and vegetables such as peas, corn, carrot or spinach.
You can even add diced chicken or beef to turn it into an easy meal.

About the Author


Melanie Peers

Healthy Body Nutrition

Melanie is a Nutritionist with a clinical focus on children’s health. She helps parents navigate the confusing world of nutrition so their children can thrive, not just survive. Melanie supports parents in taking those first steps into changing their child’s diet without all the weird and unfamiliar ingredients kids often reject. Her passion is educating parents on the small changes they can make to their child’s current diet for big results.

Melanie’s healthy journey began with the birth of her second child who struggled with severe reflux and food intolerances at 5 weeks old. She went on to study her Bachelor of Health Science graduating with honours knowing she wanted to help children and their parents. She has since helped many families find harmony at home through the power of food.

She works from her online clinic in 1:1 consultations with parents. Her clinical focus includes;

  • Food Intolerances
  • Mood and behaviour support
  • Gut Health
  • Environmental toxicity
  • Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis testing