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Mediterranean Super Soup

Brought to you by Associate Professor Teresa Mitchell-Paterson

Check out this fabulous winter warmer soup from Associate Professor Teresa Mitchell-Paterson.

Serves 4
Prep Time 20 mins
Cook Time 30 mins


400 ml of vegetable stock

400 grams of tinned organic tomatoes

425 grams of tinned organic red kidney beans

2 large peeled and diced carrots

2 large red potatoes diced – peel on for extra fibre

3 stalks of celery thinly sliced

3 cloves of peeled garlic finely chopped

1 small brown onion peeled and chopped

100 grams of green beans topped and tailed and chopped into small pieces

2 tablespoons of extra virgin 3 gold drop Cobram olive oil

Parsley to decorate


Turn the celery curve down on the board when chopping to stop the pieces from flying off the chopping board

You can use any left-over vegetables!


In a heavy-based cooking pot (that has a lid) add olive oil, garlic, and onion and gently sauté for 1-2 minutes

Add all the other ingredients

Place a lid on the pot and simmer gently for 30 minutes

Serve with crusty bread of your choice with an extra dribble of olive oil

About the Author

Teresa is a skilled naturopath with a career that spans over 20 years. Her assistance in the treatment of chronic illness comes from a solid knowledge of human biochemistry, physiology and natural treatment protocols. Teresa bases her therapies on both traditional and evidence-based medicines and a thorough understanding of her patients. An advocate of integrative medicine, Teresa has a particular interest and experience in chronic illness, chemotherapy and radiation support, chronic infection, chronic joint and muscle disorders, chronic gastro intestinal conditions, low mood and energy.

Teresa Mitchell-Paterson is a tertiary academic at Torrens University and is completing a PhD. Teresa has extensive experience in educational management, curriculum development, compliance, governance and alumni mentoring. She has been in continuous naturopathic practice for over 25 years (Bioceuticals Practitioner of the year 2015 – 2017 highly commended, 2019 ATMS practitioner highly commended) and is currently at a integrative practice in Sydney. She is also a FILEX 2016 presenter, member of the Health and Wellness panel for the Memorial Winston Churchill Trust, Ambassador and fellow of ATMS and holds a Nutritional Advisory position with Bowel Cancer Australia.