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Japanese savoury pancakes

Brought to you by Danielle Elliott
from Tummy Rescue

After cooking Japanese pancakes ‘Okonomiyaki’ for the 1st time last year, I love experimenting with them and adding different veg. The great thing is they use a wide variety of veg can be used as a  side, main or snack and the kids love them!!!

This is the way I make them now, if you want to give them a go. ……


1 cup of gluten free self-raising flour (you can use normal flour too)

4 eggs

2 1/2 cups finely sliced/shredded purple cabbage (or white if you want to hide it)

1 grated carrot

3 chopped spring onions

1/4 cup frozen peas, soaked in boiling water for 5 mins

3/4 cup/60g of vermicelli noodles prepped according to pack instructions.

You can add some cumin, turmeric or fresh ginger if you want to add more flavour and anti-oxidant power.


Mix the flour, eggs, cooked noddles and vegetables in a bowl.

Heat your pan with a bit of olive oil and spoon the mixture into the pan to cook the size pancakes you want. Cook on the first side for 3-5 minutes and then flip and cook the other side till crispy & golden.

You may like to serve with chilli sauce and sour cream or plain yoghurt. ⠀

About the Author

Danielle has been working with patients for over 15 years and now gets to focus on patients who have digestive complaints in her clinic Tummy Rescue. After her husband was diagnosed with his second digestive autoimmune condition 10 years ago, she dived into the world of Gut Health and her true passion developed. Since then Danielle has self published her book “Gluten Free and Happy”, which helps people with Coeliac Disease and Non-Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity navigate every aspect of this complicated world and to learn to protect their health but also live without fear.

In 2015 Danielle discovered the world of SIBO, thanks to Dr.Nirala Jacobi and she knew that was where she had to focus to help those IBS patients who didn’t respond. Since then she has concentrated her study and clinical focus on all things SIBO related, including completing many SIBO courses like the SIBO Mastery Program, Jason Hawlerak’s Microbiome Restoration & Functional Nutritional Lab Digestive Intensive. She now also works alongside Dr. Nirala Jacobi and her team at the Biome Clinic, consulting with patients world-wide.

Danielle, loves educating the general public through her IG & FB pages & by being a guest on podcasts for BioPractica. She also regularly writes for Bio-Practica and Brauer Professional, to educate practitioners on the use of their ranges.