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Home Made Liquorice

Brought to you by Carrie Griffin
from Mandurah Body Mechanics


500gms of medjool dates

2tbs of fennel seeds or approx. 20 drops of doterra fennel (sweet) essential oil


Blitz in a food processor or thermomix

Split into 3 even balls and roll out in between baking paper sheets

Dehydrate for approx. 24hrs

About the Author

Carrie Griffin

Carrie Griffin

Mandurah Body Mechanics

Carrie is an Emmett Therapist and founder of Mandurah Body Mechanics. She fell in love with Emmett after a knee injury threatened her netball career. Emmett was the only thing that helped her get back on the court and from then on she was intrigued and had to learn more. Carrie is now based in New Zealand and even though she is no longer treating our wonderful clients she continues to work behind the scenes while spending time with Mr Body Mechanics and their three children … or on the netball court!

Mandurah body mechanics quickly became Carrie’s fourth baby… where it became apparent you need an amazing team with similar goals! We are very lucky to have a clinic where we all collaborate with our specialist skills to help our clients live their best life.