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Gut Healing Green Smoothie

Brought to you by Cody Kennedy
from CK Health
Serves 1
Prep Time 5 mins


600 mls Water (cold)
1 stalk Kale Leaves
1/4 Avocado (peeled and pit removed)
1 Banana (frozen or fresh)
12 gms Chia Seeds
12 gms Ground Flax Seed
40 gms Hemp Seeds
1 tbsp Raw Honey (Optional)


Place all ingredients in your blender and blend until smooth. Pour into a glass and enjoy!

No Kale: Use spinach instead.
No honey: Use maple syrup, dates or extra banana to sweeten instead.
Likes it creamy: Use almond milk instead of water for extra creaminess.
Storage: Make ahead and store in a sealed mason jar. Shake well before drinking. Keeps well in the fridge for 1 – 2 days.

About the Author

Cody has been working in the natural health industry for over 19 years. She understands the hurdles and challenges people with health problems face. Cody has spent many years studying numerous aspects of empirically-based holistic wellness (yes, she may be in the field of ‘alternative’ health, but there is nothing airy-fairy about her!). Through her one-on one work with hundreds of clients, she has witnessed the incredible transformation that these modalities can deliver.

Cody believes that you must first address the cause of the health problem in order to achieve ‘Better Health’. It’s a matter of combining the right blend of nutrition, lifestyle modifications and supplements. All of these things together create a better environment for the body to function and repair.

Cody has completed a Graduate Certificate in Evidence Based Complementary Medicine and a Bachelor of Medicines Management with Honours in Complementary Medicine. She is always interested in learning more and her keen interest in research has awarded her a Graduate Diploma in Evidence Based Medicine as well.

Everything Cody recommends has been researched, tested, and researched again!

She also has been a member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society since 2001, the largest natural therapy association in Australia.

When she’s not consulting online from her Naturopathy clinic in Newcastle, Cody loves dreaming of her next travel adventure and playing frisbee with her energetic young son.