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Meet Emma Sutherland – award-winning Naturopath and Nutritionist


Emma Sutherland, naturopath and nutritionist, and Founder of Studio You, was recently awarded the accolade of Clinic of the Year in the highly sought after ATMS Natural Medicine Awards.

We caught up with Emma to find out more about her award-winning clinic, and to learn about her experience and life as a natural medicine practitioner.

Tell us a little about you and your background.

I founded Studio You on the collaborative desire to help women and children with naturopathy, homeopathy, and evidence-based medicine. We believe every woman has the right to live a life filled with Mojo; a bounce in their step which comes from feeling strong, well and healthy. For our paediatric focus we are passionate about helping families raise vibrant, healthy children.

Personally, I am multi-faceted naturopathic practitioner with experience across both clinical and business practice. I’ve been labelled a bit of an energizer bunny in the past and I live by the motto “be what you love, do what you love”.

What originally led you to this type of natural medicine?

I was so lucky to have grown up in a family who were very focused on a natural approach to health care and our local GP was also a herbalist, so that’s where my journey began. After travelling around Europe, I returned to Sydney and was thrilled to find all the things I learned about having a natural healthy lifestyle were supported by a profession, so I went on to study a Bachelor of Health Science in Complementary Medicine at Charles Sturt University as well as an Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy at ACNT.

Tell us about your clinic and how you work with your clients

I always knew I wanted to open my own clinic. After two years of planning, and the ups and downs of finding the right location, and a fantastic team, I opened Studio You in 2016.

Our vision at Studio You is to be Australia’s leading functional medicine clinic, to support the growth of complementary medicine and collaboration with fellow health professionals. We want our clients to leave feeling empowered; with the knowledge to improve their health and happiness – to get their Mojo back!

What are the benefits of Naturopathy for your clients?

I find with a naturopathic approach people are more empowered. By the time I see my clients they’ve often gone to see multiple different practitioners and they still don’t know why they feel the way they do or get the symptoms they have. Once they come to us, we work with them on lifestyle, diet and physicality to find out ‘why’ and explain what is happening for them.

I’m also very passionate about working with children and families, and one of our values at Studio You is fun. We’ve helped children with many issues including gut-health, constipation and skin conditions such as eczema.

If you can positively influence a person’s health when they are young, then I won’t need to see them when they are 40, which is a great thing!

Why are you passionate about the practice of natural medicine?

Because I know it works. And I know it is a way of working with the body and not against the body. I’m also a big believer in different types of practice being complementary. We don’t replace – we work to complement.

What’s your personal vision and mission for what you do?

My aim is to provide my clients with true collaborative care, and to educate and inspire women to exceptional health. Plus, I am hugely passionate about being a mentor and supporting other practitioners.

I’m driven by scientific and functional medicine supported by evidence, data and literature. I’m constantly learning, and keeping up with the latest research, which I think is so important.

What does the future look like for you – what are your plans?

Lots of mentoring natural medicine practitioners on running a business. They don’t teach you how to run a clinic in college – they teach you everything else. I want to help practitioners who have put a lot of money into their studies make it work for them as a business.

At Studio You we will continue to support and host talks in our local communities; connecting and educating people on how to live a happy and healthy life.

What did it mean to you to win Clinic of the Year?

This award means everything. It’s such an honour to be recognised by peers and colleagues. As practitioners, we do it because we’re passionate and want to keep clients happy and healthy, but to be acknowledged is incredibly humbling.

I want to thank everyone who has been part of my journey, my family, the many mentors who have provided their wisdom. I’m so proud of our team, past and present, for all the hard work we’ve put into building our integrative health practice over the last 3 years. And a huge thank you to all our clients who allow us to support them and do what we love every day.

To find out more about Emma Sutherland from Studio You, visit her website:



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