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Magnesium: Skin, Muscle & Stress Recovery

By Sandy Sanderson
from Elektra Magnesium

Did you know that most people these days are magnesium deficient to some extent?  We are short-changed by the food supply, and on top of that we lose magnesium excessively from stresses or traumas, physical exertion, drugs, sleep deprivation, injury and pain.


There is a lot more to magnesium than relief of cramps. Scientists have found that the body uses magnesium to calm inflammation, stress and tension. It does this via its control of calcium. Magnesium relaxes, and calcium contracts.

Too much calcium can cause pain and inflammation. You can’t afford to let the calcium dominate in this relationship, or you can kiss flexibility, calmness and good sleep goodbye.

Chronic magnesium deficiency leads to an increase in inflammation and pain, but the restoration of adequate cellular magnesium depresses the inflammation and relieves pain.

It’s important therefore to maintain a healthy magnesium balance, and not let deficiency grow.  If you’ve experienced extra stresses (including pregnancy), then it’s likely your body will be craving more magnesium to refill its tank. A quick way to get more magnesium is via skin.


How does transdermal magnesium absorption work?

Magnesium salt bathing therapy has been practiced for thousands of years in cultures around the world for the treatment of skin disease, inflammation and several other disorders.


Isn’t the skin a barrier?

Yes, but the skin is a membrane with channels that open and close in response to stimulation. When you perspire, your sweat glands release perspiration, which is mostly made up of water, electrolytes (like sodium and magnesium) and waste products.

After heat and perspiration, a small amount of the skin’s ceramides (solid fats) can soften and melt. This means that we can lose some protective oils from the skin barrier.  Athletes will notice this effect after a big training session when the skin feels more sensitive.

Applying plant fats and oils after washing off all the sweat and grime will support the restoration of the skin’s natural cholesterol barrier protection. Magnesium Creams or Lotion are ideal for skin barrier support, with their rich oils and butters allowing the body to absorb and replace lost magnesium. The rejuvenating and antiageing effects are also remarkable.


Magnesium via skin

A 2012 study tested the efficacy of the magnesium in two magnesium cream formulations to penetrate the skin barrier and concluded; “Magnesium cream was able to successfully deliver magnesium chloride across human skin.” 1

A 2015 study found; “That magnesium ions can penetrate through healthy skin with intact stratum corneum, with significant contribution from hair follicles.”2  The same study noted also that magnesium treatment caused an increase in skin hydration, as well as increase in the redox ratio of skin cells.

Magnesium Creams and Lotion also help skin to recover after sun bathing by boosting protective hydration of skin cells, and providing essential nutrients. Another bonus is that magnesium and fats are necessary for the production of vitamin D with sun exposure.

Magnesium via skin is a powerful way to supplement in cases of deficiency, and with massage to get a fast muscle relaxation and recovery. Those with digestive disorders can also absorb magnesium easily via skin.


Rub it in and feel the difference.


(1) Sang-ngern, M.; Byoung, J.; Mazen, H.; Leng Chee, C.; Rosanoff, A.; Mahavir, C. Preliminary Study of Transdermal Permeation of Magnesium Cream Formulations across Skin; 2012.

(2) Chandrasekaran, N. Effect of Topical Magnesium Application on Epidermal Integrity and Barrier Function, The University of Queensland, 2016.

More about the author

SandySanderson 2019
Sandy Sanderson
– Elektra Magnesium

Sandy Sanderson Founder and CEO of Elektra Magnesium 2008-present.

B.Arts. Uni NSW (1979) + Post grad studies (business / marketing)
(QUT & Griffith Uni Qld) 1992-93

Publisher of ‘This Month on The Gold Coast’ magazine 1998-2009

After her health crisis in 2008 from years of stress overload and shift working as a magazine publisher, Sandy discovered that magnesium deficiency was the primary cause of stress-related diseases. Without enough magnesium, cell metabolism and recovery is diminished. Transdermal magnesium helped Sandy to recover from heart arrhythmia and other symptoms of Hashimotos hypothyroidism.

Since that time Sandy and her husband Peter, a formulating chemist, have been on the mission of their lifetime to develop an Australian range of magnesium skin and muscle care products for all ages and skin types, and made with natural and organic plant oils, butters and food grade magnesium chloride. (They contain no synthetic, GMO, or petrochemical ingredients). The brand is called Elektra Magnesium®.

These products are far more effective at delivering magnesium to cells via skin compared to oral tablets and powders. They help to relax tight muscles and joints fast, to calm inflammation, and also to rejuvenate, hydrate and protect the skin barrier.