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Liver Health and Skin – Top Tips for Clearing Acne

By Brianna-lee Schiefelbein

Liver health is essential for skin health due to its role in detoxification and the clearance of toxins from the body. The liver, like the gut, requires a healthy microbiome to thrive and guarantee that our systems can properly eliminate toxins. The presence of bad bacteria in the liver might affect the body’s ability to eliminate toxins. Because the body is unable to eliminate toxins adequately, this can result in a buildup or recirculation of toxins from the liver to the stomach. Any toxins that can’t be broken down by our liver are forced to be ejected by our next excretory organ, which is our skin!

Hormonal skin disorders such as acne can be exacerbated by a stressed or overloaded liver. When our liver is under a lot of stress, whether from toxins, free radicals, or nutritional inadequacies, it loses its capacity to filter out toxins, which leads to internal and external inflammation.

Here are four keyways you can support your liver to improve the quality of your skin.


Helps to regulate hormones and minimise testosterone to DHT conversions. Acne skin types are frequently caused by high levels of androgens, which are transformed into the DHT route, resulting in inflammatory acne that appears on the lower cheekbones, jawline, and upper neck.

TIP: Aim for a high-fibre diet rich in vegetables, since fibre aids in the removal of excess hormones. Include foods high in zinc, since zinc aids in the prevention of testosterone conversion and the reduction of androgenic activity.


Our liver helps in the elimination of excess oestrogen, which may be a primary cause of skin issues such as acne, breakouts, and even some kinds of pigmentation (known as melasma) The liver aids in the elimination of excess hormones, notably testosterone and oestrogen. If this isn’t eliminated effectively, or if a buildup or barrier prevents it from being expelled, it can lead to increased hormones, which is a typical cause of acne/breakouts.

TIP: Eat a lot of cruciferous vegetables since they contain indole-3-carbinol, a compound that aids in the breakdown and removal of oestrogen in the body


When blood sugar or insulin levels are excessively high, the body produces more insulin, which induces inflammation in the stomach and liver, increasing free radical damage and reducing the body’s capacity to filter and eliminate waste. Elevated blood sugar levels can cause acne and even some kinds of pigmentation. This occurs when the body has too much sugar in its system and is attempting to expel it via the skin. Reducing the total amount of sugar and inflammatory foods in your diet will improve the natural removal of toxins.

TIP: Avoid consuming inflammatory foods containing high levels of refined sugar. Overly greasy, smoking, takeout meals, too much coffee, and too much alcohol can overwork the liver and cause oxidative stress.


Since the liver is involved in the breakdown and elimination of toxins from the body, it can aid in the reduction of inflammatory acne and the p.acnes bacterium. Inflammatory acne is caused by the P.acnes bacterium, which can be caused by a large number of bacteria in the sebum. When the body is under a lot of oxidative stress and has a lot of free radicals, this can happen. It aids in the reduction of bacteria and topical inflammation by lowering oxidative stress and free radicals.

TIP: Include antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables like blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and broccoli in your diet, since they are high in vitamin C, vitamin A, and anthocyanins, which have powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Herbal drinks including green tea, dandelion, and fennel can also help to improve liver function.

More about the author

Brianna-Lee Schiefelbein
Brianna-lee Schiefelbein

Brianna-lee Schiefelbein is a qualified Nutritionist, Pilates Instructor and Personal Trainer. She has a diverse and extensive career portfolio within the health and fitness industry and has worked alongside various allied health professionals over the last decade. She developed an interest for nutrition and skin after suffering from hormonal acne and is now on a mission to educate and support others in their journey to glow from the inside out. 

Brianna-lee is passionate about health and integrating modalities to educate individuals on achieving optimal health and long-term wellness. She was also a recipient of ANTA National Bursary Award 2022.

Her Qualifications:

  • BHSc Nutrition and Psychology for Allied Health
  • Diploma of Health Science - Nutritional Medicine
  • Diploma of Health
  • Certificate IV in Nutrition (Sports Nutrition & Wellness Coach)
  • Certificate III & IV in Fitness
  • Certificate III & IV in Business
  • Studio Pilates International Reformer, Mat and Pre/Post Natal Instructor

Brianna-lee is currently not practicing but instead educating. She is Beforeyouspeak Coffee’s in-house Nutritionist and Education Specialist.