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Insights from a Remedial Massage and Bodywork Practitioner

By Maggie Sands
from LakeSpa Wellness Centre

Maggie Sands, ATMS Practitioner of Remedial Massage and Bodywork

With a diploma in remedial massage and naturopathy, Maggie was a practitioner for 15 years before turning her focus to massage education, founding the School of Integrated Body Therapy in Charmhaven NSW where she now acts as School Principle.

Why did you get into Natural Medicine?

I have a strong background in health and fitness, working as a professional swim coach in the 80s for state and national level swimmers and being one of the first to be trained as a fitness instructor in Australia.

I have always found great personal satisfaction in helping people maintain their health, I needed to find the flexibility of a career which would fit around the commitments of being a single parent.

I developed an interest in the structure and function of the body, especially in the prevention of muscular injury and discomfort, through my work in fitness. I found there was a natural progression towards the philosophy of Natural Medicine and ultimately, remedial therapy and bodywork.

Tell us more about your modality?

Remedial massage involves an effective bodywork treatment to assist a client recover from muscular dysfunction or to maintain a sense of physical wellbeing. From assessing the clients physical concerns using muscular testing, an individual client treatment plan is created and monitored looking for functional changes that can help to improve the client’s condition.

Remedial massage can be used to assist people dealing with stress and anxiety or those needing assistance with a condition that would cause pain or discomfort.

In these current times it is difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle and so remedial massage may be used to assist with the clients mind, body and spirit to maintain well-being and health.

Why are you passionate about Natural Medicine?

Fundamentally I wholeheartedly believe in the power of the body’s own innate healing force and when supported by a natural approach, health can be maintained and or improved.

I have spent over 35 years experiencing first-hand the positive effects Natural Medicine has had on the health and wellbeing 1000s of clients attending my LakeSpa Wellness Centre. I have witnessed many people’s lives turned around after trying everything else to solve their health related concerns.

Natural medicine may offer answers and solutions to numerous health concerns. Natural medicine offers a ‘holistic’ approach, considering the client’s whole body, not focusing primarily on a symptom alone. Our overall health involves a combination of the body’s mental, emotional, physical, spiritual well-being.

It’s a holistic approach to health which I truly believe has assisted so many.

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More about the author

Maggie Sands
– LakeSpa Wellness Centre

The School's co-founders, Maggie Sands and David Griffiths, had humble beginnings with a small group of enthusiastic students in 1985. During the School's growth we have aided and witnessed the evolution of Massage as a highly respected profession in Australia. These years of experience have allowed SIBT to develop and offer a reliable and sound skills-based professional training to a practitioner level.
The school founded the Sands Integration Therapy Method, Myofascial Release and Counselling accreditations within the Australian Traditional Medicine Society. The School has also created other specialty modalities which include Neurolymphatic Massage, Detox Massage and Treating with Ear Candles.