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Five of our favourite podcasts from


Over the past twelve months has been sharing podcasts from Australia’s leading naturopaths, nutritionists and natural medicine practitioners. If you are interested in a range of health topics or just want to find out more about what’s happening in the natural medicine industry then jump on the podcast for relevant content.

During Natural Medicine Week will be sharing some of their favourite podcasts with you and if you want a quick link to the content here are the Top 5 from their library.

First up Ageing Outrageously with Christine Pope looks at the latest research on how to age well and support your brain health. In particular, in this podcast there is a useful discussion on the importance of balancing blood sugar for improving metabolic health and looking at key nutrient deficiencies. In the blog on Cognitive Health and reversible dementias with Jacqui Fahey there is more information on the types of deficiencies which can contribute to reversible types of dementias.

The Calm birth and midwifery podcast covers a range of support available for expectant women and looks at lactation support as well as the value of the Calm Birth training for both the parent and their support team.

The last two blogs look at oils from two very different perspectives. The first is a deep dive into the sustainability of fish farming and some very useful guides are shared in terms of the which gives a guide to sustainable fish species. It’s a useful podcast if you are interested in the source of your fish and your fish oils.

The fifth podcast looks at essential oils, which are volatile components of plants. Bo Hendgen from Absolute Essentials shares how to ensure that your essential oils are effective and how to use them therapeutically.

Here are the links to make it easy for you to access the podcasts.

Ageing outrageously:

Christine Pope_Ageing Outrageously

Calm birth and mid-wifery:

Cognitive health and reversible dementias:

Fish farming and sustainability, oils ain’t oils, part 1:

Latest insights on essential oils:

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