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The Upside of Emotions

May 27, 2023
| 10:00am
– 11:30am AEST

De-Stress the mind, body and spirit with guidance, and easy to follow instructions in this Virtual Masterclass as we explore the Upside of Emotions: practical tools for working with challenging emotions from a 5 element approach.

Our emotions are dynamic, engaging and informative. Although emotions can be supportive to our everyday way of life, frequently, we ineffectively react and release pent up emotions or repress those that are uncomfortable. This is where the ‘Upside of emotions’ comes in!

This virtual masterclass and workshop will provide practical insight, strategies and tools that may quickly and efficiently release blocks that are caused by these imbalances.

The Upside of Emotions is perfect for anyone wishing to remedy self or practitioner hoping to grow a greater understanding of their clients. Expert practitioner and health mentor, Jo Hafey, leads this unique training to assist you in discovering the meaning, importance and power of emotional wellbeing as guided by the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the 5 elements.

Jo Hafey - Natural Medicine Week

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Jo Hafey
Jo has been living, teaching and practising Traditional Chinese Medicine as a Shiatsu Therapist, Acupuncturist, and Japanese Yoga instructor for 30 years. The activities, practices, and concepts she will share with you in this training have been gathered from her extensive clinical expertise, her teaching of practitioners as well as through her o

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