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The Optimal Flow Cycle for Natural Fertility


May 22, 2023
| 6:30pm
– 8:00pm AEST

Holly will guide you through the 6 Fundamentals and Four Essentials of Fertility for a flowing cycle.

In this webinar you will find clarity and confidence around the key elements that enhance natural fertility.

You will:

  • Complete a fertility health check for both men and women
  • Gain insight into the 6 pillars of Lifestyle, diet, environment, treatment, Spirit/ emotions
  • Learn about the Four Essentials for a fertile cycle & how to identify your fertility window through BBT charting & fertile signs
  • Understand your cycle through a Chinese Medicine framework
  • A transform and release tapping process

Hosted by

Holly Brocklebank
Innate being therapies
Holly Brocklebank is passionate about women's health, fertility, pregnancy and post natal recovery. Her business is innate being therapies and she is co director of Ambrosia Holistic Health based in Canberra. Holly has 20 years of wisdom and experience and has helped hundreds of couples concieve.

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Holly Brocklebank