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The Healing Powers of Nature

Mardi will reveal the history of healing through nature and tap into her background in Naturopathy.
She will identify the latest research that has started to prove the science behind many of the practices that traditional cultures have known and used for centuries.
Mardi will explain how these healing practices work so that you can develop your own connection with the natural world.
If you have a strong affinity with nature and are looking for natural ways to improve your health and vitality, this is a session not to be missed.

Learn – 5 steps to develop your own technique to utilise natures healing powers & take control of your health.

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Mardi Brisbane
Mardi The Natural Healer
Mardi is a naturopath, who is passionate about utilising the powerful connection humans have with the natural world. Combining her love of nature with her knowledge in medical science, traditional medicine, and yogic philosophy, Mardi’s background provides a unique perspective in the management of your own health and vitality.

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Mardi Brisbane