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The Biology of Booze – How incredible is your body?!


May 22, 2024
| 6:30pm
– 7:30pm AEST

Have you ever wondered what happens to your alcoholic drink after you have ingested a glass or two? (And perhaps to the point that you lost count…?)

Perhaps you never drink and would like a reminder of why, and to know more behind the science of alcohol and our health.
Perhaps you enjoy the occasional glass, and would like to know exactly how big or small the impact is on your body.
Or perhaps you drink more than a little, and would benefit from having more awareness about what’s happening in your body.

Whatever your relationship is with drinking, and without judgement, we welcome you to join us in learning more about the biology of booze!

What you can expect from this event:

Learn exactly how alcohol is a toxic substance for the body.
Understand how alcohol is metabolised, and its effects.
Discover its impact on liver health, nutrient absorption, gut health, and brain health.
Learn how you can support your body using complementary medicine.

It’s not just about the liver!

Switch on Health

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Certified Nutritionist - Nathalie
Switch on Health
Switch on Health is one of Australia's leading natural therapies colleges. Your presenter is Nathalie. As well as being Client Support at Switch on Health, she is a Certified Nutritionist, Spiritual Healer, Approved Meditation Teacher for the App Insight Timer, and Ecstatic Dance DJ & Facilitator.

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Certified Nutritionist – Nathalie