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Teenage hormonal health: What causes irregular periods in teens and pre-teens?


May 22, 2024
| 7:00pm
– 8:00pm AEST

Is your teen or pre-teen experiencing irregular periods, heavy periods or painful periods? Are you unsure of what is normal and when to seek medical advice? Join us for an informative webinar where we discuss how nutrition, stress, sport and gut health impact your teenagers hormonal health.

In this informative webinar, Jean Jarrett, Naturopath and Nutritionist will guide you through practical strategies to support your teen’s hormonal health through nutrition.

Jean Jarrett

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Jean Jarrett
Healthy Kids Naturally
Jean uses her own experiences to help women and their families to improve their health and wellbeing through naturopathy and nutrition. Jean is also an experienced Buteyko practitioner to provide you with a holistic range of therapies to empower you to take control of your health naturally.

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Jean Jarrett