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Stress/Anxiety/Depression in Perimenopause

May 25, 2023
| 7:00pm
– 7:30pm AEST

Stress, Anxiety and Depression (S/A/D) are a common sign in menopause, even if you have never experienced this before. Many doctors don’t realise that anti-depressant medication is not the only way to address these important aspects of a woman’s health. My presents information to help women understand the physiological reason for their stress, anxiety and/or depression and discusses natural remedies which are often overlooked (but very effective) way to address your S/A/D feelings and emotions.

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Mardi Brisbane
Mardi The Natural Healer
Mardi is a naturopath, operating from The Natural Healer clinic in Brisbane. Mardi offers her clients individual care using natural medicines, lifestyle & dietary changes that build on the basics to slowly empower each individual to create a healthier & more fulfilling life. She believes that addressing stress and anxiety is a key component to this

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