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Sound Healing: A whole body experience (feel the benefits of this new therapy)

May 20, 2024
| 8:30pm
– 9:30pm AEST

Mardi will explain the benefits of sound healing and how it works on multiple levels of the mind and body. She will then present a live sound healing experience for all participants to feel for themselves. This event is scheduled late so that participants can enjoy the deep relaxation before heading to bed to allow the benefits to carry through for the whole night.

Mardi Brisbane Practitioner

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Mardi Brisbane
The Natural Healer
Mardi Brisbane has been a natural therapist for almost 20 years. Practicing naturopathy nutrition, yoga and meditation teacher. She is a life-long learner in the natural therapy field. Over the last few years she has delved into the therapeutic benefits of nature and Sound Healing, particularly to treat stress, fatigue and the adrenal system.

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Mardi Brisbane