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Rest & Repair: Get quality sleep when you are stressed and burnt out – 26 May


May 26, 2023
| 5:30pm
– 6:30pm AEST
Rest & Repair: Learn how to get better quality sleep when you are stressed and burnt out

What Will You Learn In This Free Webinar
Rest and repair are essential when it comes to improving your resilience during chronic stress and burnout.

Understanding and balancing your circadian rhythm, quality sleep, eating at the right time and creating effective habits around morning and evening routines can reduce your unwanted symptoms of burnout and chronic stress.

In this live webinar, Liza will take you on an educational journey about the circadian clock and the sleep cycle. She will assist you in understanding the important steps towards better quality sleep and how to achieve this when you are time poor.

Liza will also explore the impact of food choice and habits and how it affects quality sleep and energy.

This webinar is an insight into her 12 week program Navigating Burnout she has been running since 2020. Come and discover what you can do to rest and repair your body and learn effective strategies in a better night sleep.

Liza Twohill

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Liza Twohill
Holistic Health
Liza Twohill has been a practicing health professional for more than two decades and is a leader in her field. Liza is a naturopath, business owner, educator, mentor, and researcher with more than 25yrs in clinical practice.

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