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Navigating Hormonal Changes – Heal Your Hormones in Perimenopause


May 22, 2024
| 10:00am
– 10:30am AEST

Ever wondered if your hormones could be behind your fatigue, skin problems, mood changes, eating habits, weight changes or other symptoms that seem a bit ‘random’? Ever wanted a bit of ‘hormone coaching’? This webinar demystifies hormonal changes in women in the midlife, revealing the hormone shifts behind a myriad of common symptoms. Join evidence-based naturopath Sulin as she decodes your hormones, bringing almost two decades of balancing hormones and interpreting hormone pathology tests to the table.

Sulin NMW

Hosted by

Sulin Sze
Sulin Sze is a Fellow member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society with expertise in the management of womens health conditions. She works with women from puberty to menopause, helping to demystify complex hormonal and metabolic states while providing a blend of herbal, nutritional and lifestyle guidance.

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Sulin Sze