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Menstrual Cycle Awareness – An Informative Talk For Men and Women

May 25, 2023
| 7:00pm
– 9:00pm AEST

Menstrual Cycle Awareness – An Informative Talk For Men and Women

Thursday 25th May 7 PM – 9 PM AEST

My intention is to inform all genders, in a simple and relaxed way!
If you are a female, knowing about the Menstrual Cycle and the Female Anatomy will help you having more understanding about yourself and other females.
If you are a male, it will help you understand females.
Having this knowledge will help you improve your sense of compassion, your sense of gratitude, and perhaps will help your ability to communicate with your partner and impact your ability to build true intimacy.
From personal experience, I notice so much ‘unknown’ around this topic. It creates disconnection from the Self, and disconnections between people.
I believe there is a need here. Knowing some basics about our bodies is necessary.

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Nathalie Paul
Nathalie Paul
Nathalie is a qualified Nutritionist from Nature Care College. Her personal journey with anorexia nervosa, autoimmune diseases and years of repression of her sexuality led her to become a Nutritionist, Spiritual Healer, Ecstatic Dance Facilitator & ZenThai Shiatsu Practitioner. You can also find her on the App Insight Timer.

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