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Menopause – Medical vs Natural Treatments – the latest research

Join Mardi Brisbane from The Pause Effect for this webinar to empower the transition to menopause. Mardi Brisbane, a local naturopath & yoga teacher has been empowering Brisbane women through natural connection and conscious living for the past decade.

Menopause – Medical vs Natural Treatments – the latest research

Everything you wanted to know about the treatment options for menopause.

Natural remedies vs the medical/pharmaceutical options.

Mardi presents the latest research from both a natural therapies and medical perspective and how they work in a practical sense including the pitfalls and the benefits.

There will be a question and answer session at the end of the presentation.

Although there is a charge for the event, a credit will be given for future service with Mardi over the next 3 months (details provided in this webinar).

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Mardi Brisbane
Mardi The Natural Healer
Mardi Brisbane is a naturopath & yoga teacher who combines her skills (see below) to provide a most comprehensive approach to menopause. Mardi's workshops support women transitioning to menopause by addressing physical, mental and spiritual elements using nutrition, herbal medicine, movement, breath-work, meditation and energetic healing.

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