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Menopause: Adapt and Thrive

How to Adapt and Thrive during Menopause with Tips from Eastern and Western Traditional practices

You will Learn :
What is happening hormonaly in Menopause
How to cope with Mental Symptoms : anxiety, low self estem, memory, poor sleeping patterns
How to manage physical symptoms such as : heat, night sweats, fatigue, weight gain, vaginal dryness, reduced skin quality
Come away with tools to Adapt and Thrive in Menopause

Rebecca Tanner

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Rebecca Tanner
Rebecca Tanner Natural Health
Rebecca Tanner is a practicing Naturopath with 30 years experience, she is also a qualified Acupuncturist . She loves blending Eastern and Western Medicine Traditions. Rebecca is a proud Menopausal woman and is thriving in this phase of her life,. She feels passionate that Menopause is an adaptation & women can thrive in this phase.

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Rebecca Tanner