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Knee Bliss Unveiled – Interactive Webinar

May 23, 2024
| 10:00am
– 10:55am AEST

“Knee Bliss Unveiled!” – Interactive Webinar!

Bid farewell to knee pain as we guide you through dynamic exercises designed for lasting relief. Banish knee pain for good by engaging in dynamic exercises that fortify knee strength. Enhancing stability and flexibility, empowering your knees for optimal function.

The unparalleled “Benefits” await – experience fluid movement, liberated from knee strain.

Don’t miss this opportunity for comprehensively addressing your knee health.

Riccardo Galeotti

Hosted by

Riccardo Galeotti
The Body Lab Canberra
As a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, specialising in Acupuncture, Riccardo has over 15 years of clinical experience with an emphasis on holistic, preventative health care. In addition to acupuncture, through his Canberra-based clinic Riccardo has developed a multi-modal approach to therapy.

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Riccardo Galeotti