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Is Sleep Your Achilles Heel? How to Get to Sleep AND Stay Asleep

Sleep disturbances are one of the most common issues within our society. Most people don’t realise the importance of getting quality sleep to improve all other aspects of their health, including weight management, stress, mental function and overall sense of vitality. In this webinar Mardi discusses common issues with getting to sleep and also staying asleep. She provides practical tips and support (on diet, supplements, physical practices and more) that you can easily incorporate in your busy life to improve your sleep health.

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Mardi Brisbane
Mardi The Natural Healer
Mardi is a naturopath, practicing in Brisbane. She offers her clients individual care using natural medicines, lifestyle and dietary changes that build on the basics to slowly empower each individual. She sees sleep deprivation as one of the driving forces behind a lot of "dis-ease" within our society and prioritises this to improve well-being.

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