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Introduction to the Chakra System – Online

May 27, 2023
| 2:00pm
– 5:00pm AEST

Join Ondrej Bursik a founding partner from the College of Complementary Medicine for this insightful education the Chakra System.

This workshop focuses on the main chakras from the Indian system. The course explores the function of the chakras and what imbalances might occur if they are not working optimally. The emphasis of this workshop is on vibrational tools and techniques that can help bring about more balance to the chakra system.

What will you learn?

Background and function of the 7 main chakras
Ways of achieving better function within each chakra
How to use crystals, palming, color, sound, essential oils in relationship to the chakras.

Ondrej Bursik

Hosted by

Ondrej Bursik
College of Complementary Medicine
Ondrej Bursik is a founding partner of College of Complementary Medicine and senior teacher of holistic kinesiology and mind body medicine. He is also a qualified Samonas Sound Therapist, Neurofeedback Practitioner and Primitive Reflex Therapist. He has written a number of courses that he teaches in Australia and overseas.

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Ondrej Bursik