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Introduction to Kinesiology – Easy Techniques for Balance and Energy

Join us for an informative and practical Introduction to Kinesiology and Common Techniques for Energy, Concentration, and Relaxation workshop. In this one-hour session, you’ll learn the basics of kinesiology and how it can help improve energy levels, boost mood, and relieve anxiety. Participants will also get to practice ten techniques that can be easily done at home. The workshop will cover the history and different branches of kinesiology, the concept of muscle testing, and the role of energy meridians and acupuncture points in a session. You’ll also learn what to expect in a kinesiology session and explore ten common techniques for boosting energy, improving mood, and relieving anxiety. During the workshop, you’ll get hands-on experience and learn techniques such as acupressure points for relieving anxiety, emotional freedom technique (EFT), grounding techniques, affirmations and positive self-talk, and more. The session will end with a relaxation exercise.

Participants will receive a handout that summarizes the key points covered during the workshop, along with descriptions and illustrations of the ten techniques. You’ll also have the opportunity to provide feedback on the workshop and suggest future topics for discussion.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn more about kinesiology and explore practical techniques for improving your energy, concentration, and relaxation. Register now and join us for an engaging and informative workshop.

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Angela Sciberras
New Realmz - The Kineziologist
Angela Sciberras, respected Specialist Kinesiologist of 18 years, with thousands of hours of clinical experience in her field and who has made a significant impact in her field. Angela is certified in three different styles of Kinesiology, Neuro Linguistic Kinesiology, Neuro Training Kinesiology, and Resolve Beyond Neurology Kinesiology.

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Angela Sciberras