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IBS- bloating, pain & gas oh my….. Natural Medicine solutions to your tummy troubles

IBS and functional digestive complaints are increasing & it is estimated that around 20% of the world’s population will experience IBS at some point in their life.

In my clinic, I help patients who are experiencing symptoms like bloating, pain, gas, constipation & diarrhoea every week.

Join me for this highly informative and fun webinar that will cover some of the underlying causes of IBS and how Natural Medicine offers a very powerful way to soothe symptoms & improve gut function to free you from your tummy troubles.

Plus if you join live you will get a special BONUS gift and a chance to win a bottle of Meluka P3 Gut Builder valued at $59, plus anyone who registers will get a 10% discount for FodShop!!!  If you can’t join live don’t stress, you can watch the replay for a limited number of days following the event.

Areas covered include:

Microbiome, Gut Brain Axis and Leaky Gut

So register today– it’s FREE. 

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Hosted by

Danielle Elliott
Tummy Rescue
Danielle has been working with patients for over 15 years and now gets to focus on patients who have digestive complaints in her clinic Tummy Rescue. After her husband was diagnosed with his second digestive autoimmune condition 10 years ago, she dived into the world of Gut Health and her true passion developed.

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