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How to Hijack the Stress Response


May 21, 2024
| 12:30pm
– 1:00pm AEST
Stress is the biggest epidemic of the 21st century and naturopath Mardi Brisbane is on a mission to let everyone know how they can reduce the impact of this widespread issue in their life.
Understanding how your body and brain work when faced with stress are the key to controling the cascade of reactions our body goes through when suffering from stress.
In this short webinar Mardi will also explain important natural remedies and lifestyle adjustments that can make a big difference.
Mardi Brisbane Practitioner

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Mardi Brisbane
The Natural Healer
Mardi has been practicing naturopathy and other natural health modalities since 2005. In 2018 she started corporate programs to educate professionals to help their bodies calm down the stress response. She also gives tips on how to implement lifestyle hacks, as well as the right food & supplements to take. She sees clients online and in person.

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